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Our main areas of expertisea


Corporate Consultancy

The firm provides consultancy services in corporate matters to Business Partners and Companies, starting from the deployment phase, supporting them in the analysis and in the selection of the most appropriate legal form of the Company and in the writing of the corporate bylaws, including the proper selection of the business purpose, the organizational and administrative forms up to the operating structure as well.

The firm guarantees the necessary legal advice in the formalization of corporate resolutions, in the organization of governance and control tools, in the purchase and sale operations of companies and shareholdings, and in the defining of acts and agreements as well as all the obligations relating to the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Company.

  •  Corporate law
  •  Corporate secretariat
  •  Directorship
  •  Statutory Auditors
  •  Privacy advice
  •  Model D.l.g. 231/2001/ Supervisory Board
  •  Supervisory Board (D.l.g 231/2001)

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Tax consulting

Vanzetta & Associati provides tax consultancy in both the ordinary and extraordinary activities for Italian companies and for Italian branches of foreign companies. This includes an ongoing consultation in relation to the direct and indirect taxation, the budgetary and corporate aspects, as well as the opinions on these matters.

  •  Business accounts and income
  •  VAT and indirect taxes
  •  International taxation
  •  Transfer pricing
  •  Tax disputes
  •  Tax due diligence


Corporate Organization

The firm provides a comprehensive consultancy in defining and realizing extraordinary corporate transactions: acquisitions, company rental contracts, contributions, mergers, leveraged by-out operations, transformations, demergers and corporate reorganizations.

  •  Establishment of companies and branches
  •  Start-ups assistance
  •  Extraordinary transactions

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Accounting & administrative assistance

The firm provides a comprehensive accounting and administrative assistance. Starting from the personalized arrangement of the Chart of Accounts and the bookkeeping, up to the update of the company books and records, mandatory for the accounting and tax purposes, to the management of stock accounts as well as the drafting of annual accounts, explanatory notes to the financial statements and management reports, in accordance with the national and international accounting standards in force (IAS, IFRS, US GAAP)

  •  Ordinary and Analytical Accounts
  •  Arrangement of the annual and half-yearly reports
  •  Reports
  •  Incorporation Company Advisory Services
  •  Drawing up financial statements
  •  Foreign Branch Set-up Advisory Services
  •  Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

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